If you’ve noticed that you’re having trouble reading street or road signs while driving, it could be a indication that you need vision correction. You may not notice any difference when reading or viewing things up close, but only when you try to focus on objects or words that are far away. This visual condition is called myopia, or “nearsightedness.” When you’re nearsighted, it means that your eyeball has elongated, and the light entering your eye isn’t properly focused on the retina. As a provider of eye care in Northern Colorado, Advanced Eyecare can help you find the perfect correction for your myopia.

People often first notice their nearsightedness while driving, when a street or road sign that they could normally read is now fuzzy or blurry. This of course is a major issue, since having good vision when you’re behind the wheel keeps everyone, including you, safe. You may have had perfect vision for many years, but at the first signs of myopia, it’s important to visit an optometrist to have a thorough eye exam. We’ll measure your eyeballs to see if elongation has taken place and if so, what prescription will be best to correct your vision.

The next time you’re in the car and you’re stopped at a red light, take a look at the billboards and signs around you. If you have trouble reading any of them, make an appointment with Advanced Eyecare right away. We promise to provide you with the very best eye care in Northern Colorado, helping you to see both near and far.