Fans around the country enjoyed Opening Day of the 2015 professional baseball season over the weekend and in Northern Colorado, people are just as loyal to their local baseball teams. At Advanced Eyecare, we want everyone to see clearly this season, no matter if they’re sitting in the stands or stepping up to the plate. For those in Little League, changes in eyesight can have a big impact on how well they bat and field, so if you think your child could benefit from new eye glasses in Fort Collins, please visit us right away.

People’s eyes change in different ways over the years, and even young children can experience drastic changes over the course of a few years. If your child had no problem seeing the ball last season, but you’ve noticed that they’re having trouble timing their swing this year, it’s probably time to have their eyes checked. Our full service eye exams and optical department can test the changes in your child’s eyesight and then fit them with the perfect specs for the upcoming season. We can also recommend the right contact lenses for older children, since wearing glasses on the field isn’t always the best option. If glasses are the only option, we can fit them with a strap that will keep their glasses secure when they play.

If you think your child needs eye glasses in Fort Collins before the Little League season starts, make an appointment with Advanced Eyecare today. If your eyesight has changed, we can help you see better during those night games, and when you’re driving to and from the field. Call us at 970-498-8388.