As you age, you may begin to worry about losing your vision. In a recent article from the American Optometric Association, the results from a public opinion poll showed that poor or decreased vision is a concern for many Americans. Several ethnic groups said blindness would perhaps have the largest effect on their daily lives, and that as they age, those concerns continued to grow. Scheduling regular eye exams is essential to maintaining your ocular health and ensuring that your vision doesn’t negatively affect your life. As your optometrist in Fort Collins, Advanced Eyecare can provide thorough exams and corrective lenses that allow you to enjoy better eye health.

If you’re suffering from dry eye or have noticed increased blurriness when you wake up in the morning, please come see us at Advanced Eyecare right away. If you’ve never needed vision correction before, but have noticed that reading or driving at night has become increasingly harder, our doctors can fully examine your eyes and our optical department can fit you with contact lenses or eyeglasses that make everyday tasks much easier. With a wide selection of designer frames, we know that you’ll find a pair that matches your unique personality.

Don’t let the worry of lost or decreased vision impact your life. If you notice a change, make an appointment with your optometrist in Fort Collins and we’ll take great care of your eyes. Several factors can play a part in the state of your vision, but not seeing your eye doctor should never be one of them.