September has almost arrived, and that means it’s back to school time for students in Northern Colorado. If you’ve noticed that your little (or not so little) one is having trouble reading their homework assignments, it could be due to decreased vision. At Advanced Eyecare, we want to see every student succeed, and if they’re having trouble seeing in class or at home, they can quickly become discouraged. As your vision center in Fort Collins, we can fit your student with glasses or contacts, giving them renewed hope that schoolwork will no longer be a strain on their eyes.

Many students also play sports during the fall, and whether it’s football, volleyball, or cross country, wearing glasses may not be an option. If they’ve worn glasses since they were a child, making the transition to contacts can be a major step, but our team is here to help with the change. We’ll conduct a thorough eye exam and fit them with the perfect pair of contact lenses, making sure they’re the proper prescription and that your child understands how to best take care of them. They won’t have to worry about jostling spectacles while running and moving during practice or games.

The health of your students’ eyes is imperative to their studying, learning, and succeeding. If your child has started having chronic headaches after reading their homework, or hasn’t been as active in class, it could simply be due to an issue with their vision. Help them see better by bringing them to your vision center in Fort Collins today.