Located right in the heart of Old Town, Advanced Eyecare is an optometry office that offers eye exams as well as a full-service optical.  Our unique optical has a number of brands that are exclusive to Advanced Eyecare and cannot be found anywhere else in the area. As a trusted Fort Collins optometrist, we’re here for you when you need us the most. Today we’re discussing a few ways that you could be damaging your eyes with your contacts and what to do to prevent damage!

Damage From Contact Lenses

  • Sleeping in contacts. Now, many people can’t stand the feeling of contact lenses that have essentially dried onto their eyes overnight. That is a good thing. But take it from one who knows: if you don’t care about the sticky or irritated feeling that comes from sleeping in contacts, “forgetting” to take them out at night seems awfully convenient. If you find it impossible to remember no matter how hard you try then you might need to give up on contact lenses entirely. Your eye health is more important than avoiding inconveniences.
  • Proper contact lens care. If you’ve gotten a proper fitting, the technician or doctor has likely already explained the need for replacing your contact lenses at regular intervals (which vary depending on brand and type) and cleaning them daily. We suggest that you throw out your contact lens storage case at least every three months to prevent nasty things from growing there. Never use saline solution or any kind of water to store your lenses.