1. Tips for Protecting your Eyes During Summer

    During summer in Northern Colorado, the UV light is much more intense than in the winter months. While we get an average of 300 days of sun, year round, we need to be extra diligent in protecting our eyes against the damaging rays from the sun. Here are some tips for protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays that can accelerate eye issues, like the formation of cataracts. Fort Collins optometr…Read More

  2. Are You Damaging Your Eyes? Advice From Your Fort Collins Optometrist

    Located right in the heart of Old Town, Advanced Eyecare is an optometry office that offers eye exams as well as a full-service optical.  Our unique optical has a number of brands that are exclusive to Advanced Eyecare and cannot be found anywhere else in the area. As a trusted Fort Collins optometrist, we're here for you when you need us the most. Today we're discussing a few ways that you could…Read More

  3. See Better During Your Summer Job

    With finals week almost here, college students around Northern Colorado will begin thinking about their summer plans and whether they will stay in the area or travel back home. Regardless of where they are, many students will be looking for summer work to supplement the cost of next year’s tuition and books. At Advanced Eyecare – your vision center in Fort Collins – we want to ma…Read More

  4. See Better This Baseball Season with Eye Glasses in Fort Collins

    Fans around the country enjoyed Opening Day of the 2015 professional baseball season over the weekend and in Northern Colorado, people are just as loyal to their local baseball teams. At Advanced Eyecare, we want everyone to see clearly this season, no matter if they're sitting in the stands or stepping up to the plate. For those in Little League, changes in eyesight can have a big impact on how w…Read More

  5. Are You Having Trouble Reading Road Signs?

    If you've noticed that you're having trouble reading street or road signs while driving, it could be a indication that you need vision correction. You may not notice any difference when reading or viewing things up close, but only when you try to focus on objects or words that are far away. This visual condition is called myopia, or "nearsightedness." When you're nearsighted, it means that your ey…Read More

  6. Make the Decision to See Your Optometrist in Fort Collins

    If you're concerned about your vision, or have been struggling to see clearly for some time, it's essential that you visit an optometrist right away. We understand that you're busy and often pressed for time, but when it comes to your eyes, their health is extremely important. As your optometrist in Fort Collins, Advanced Eyecare is here to provide exceptional vision exams and correction. All you …Read More

  7. Start Your New Year With Better Vision

    Now that 2015 is a week old, you may have already given up on several of your New Year's resolutions. It's the same thing every year - you spend the last week of December planning out what you're going to do differently in the New Year, only to put those plans aside a few days into January. One thing that you can do this year that doesn't take a terrible amount of energy, is to take better care of…Read More

  8. See Better This Holiday Season with Eye Glasses in Fort Collins

    The holidays are a special time of year, and with Thanksgiving now behind us and the New Year quickly approaching, you most likely have many festive gatherings to attend. You're looking forward to seeing friends and family that you haven't seen for nearly a year, but if your vision is causing you problems, your holiday joy can quickly turn to frustration. At Advanced Eyecare, we can provide a new …Read More

  9. Find Time for Eye Care in Northern Colorado

    People keep busy schedules, and at Advanced Eyecare, we know how hard it can be to squeeze in an eye appointment. However, seeing your eye doctor every six months is the best way to detect potential issues before they become major problems. If you need eye care in Northern Colorado, but haven't made time in the past few months to find an eye doctor, come see us as soon as possible. We offer compr…Read More

  10. Regular Eye Exams Are Essential to Your Health

    As you age, you may begin to worry about losing your vision. In a recent article from the American Optometric Association, the results from a public opinion poll showed that poor or decreased vision is a concern for many Americans. Several ethnic groups said blindness would perhaps have the largest effect on their daily lives, and that as they age, those concerns continued to grow. Scheduling regu…Read More